How to Create a Boot Disk to Support Windows XP Repair

How to Create a Boot Disk to Support Windows XP Repair

Any computer operating system can become damaged and windows XP is not an exception. Windows XP repair may become necessary for your operating system at some time. There are several things that can cause damage to the Windows XP operating system. Data and driver errors, system errors, registry errors, and malware are among some of the causes. Before proceeding with windows XP repair options, perform a system error scan, preferably with software that is capable of repairing the errors and restoring files.

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Also run antivirus, anti-spyware, and registry repair xp software. These programs will identify and eliminate most or all of the problems with the Windows XP operating system. These may be the only steps you need to take for Windows XP repair. That is not always the case, but you need to perform the scans to eliminate the possibility. However, if you cannot boot Windows XP because of the degree of damage, windows XP repair becomes more difficult.

By creating a boot disk, you will be able to boot windows XP even if it is severely damaged. This will make Windows XP repair much easier and possibly allow you to repair damages without affecting saved data and personal settings. If you cannot boot Windows XP or you do not have a boot disk for windows XP, you will most likely have to completely re-install Windows XP in order to complete Windows XP repair.

300x250 register repair How to Create a Boot Disk to Support Windows XP Repair

Though reinstallation of Windows XP in the event of damage to the operating system is the best method to ensure that you have completely clean operating system totally free of viruses and errors, there is much more to this process of Windows XP repair than simply utilizing the “repair install” option from the installation CD.

In order to reinstall Windows XP, you will need the installation CD that matches the currently installed version of Windows XP on your computer. Windows XP reinstallation is more a last resort and a drastic measure for Windows XP repair. You essentially have to start over entirely. Not only will you be reinstalling the entire windows XP operating system, but it will be up to you to reset all settings and security updates and settings. You will need to reinstall software and personal files will need to be reloaded. This will all have to be done from a system backup created prior to reinstallation. Windows XP repair isn’t always easy, but to make it much easier create a boot disk so that you will be able to boot Windows XP and approach Windows XP repair with simpler preliminary tactics.

In order to create a boot disk, or startup disk as it is more commonly known, you ideally need to do it when you first install Windows XP on your computer. Remember, errors can occur at any time and windows XP repair may become necessary. Therefore, a startup disk can be indispensable. In order to create a startup disk, follow these steps:
• Insert a disk, ideally a DVD-RW rather than a CD, into your computer’s optical drive and then use Windows XP to format the disk. From the system partition root folder located on the hard drive (usually it is C:\–), copy the following files to the disk:
1. Boot.ini

It might be necessary to remove hidden, system, and read only attributes from the files. Restore these attributes to the files on your hard drive in the event that you do have to remove them. Store all this information on the startup disk. Now you have created a boot disk for Windows XP in the event that Windows XP repair is necessary.

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